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You Asked..We Delivered. Sports At Firefly

Kickball | Ultimate | Soccer | Flag Football | Capture The Flag asked for it...we are now offering mini tournaments of the top requested sports YOU asked for! 

These are designed to be short 3 hour mini tournaments. So you can get in your exercise and #EarnYourParty every day while you are at Firefly. Each tournament will be a max of 8 teams. Survive and Advance is the name of the game. These are single elimination mini tournaments. You can register for as many sports as you like. Play them all! 

How You Can Register: 

Registration is done on a first come first serve basis. The easiest way is to register is right here online right now...ahead of the festival. Registration will be available at the Festival if space is still available. 

Tip: We were all booked through the weekend for Delaware Tourism's Volleyball Tournaments last year by Thursday afternoon. Registering online is the best way to reserve your spot and make 100% sure you make it on the field! 

Step 1:   Create An Account so we can communicate important tournament info, weather updates, schedules and more! 

Step 2: Register in and choose one of these registration options: 

  • Register As a Team [Captain]: You pick the team name, register yourself and invite your friends (or others) to join your team.
  • Register As a Team Player: Your friend has created a team. They invited you to join are a Team Player
  • Register As a Small Group: There are 2 or 5 of you, not enough for a full team...but you want to play together.
  • Register As a Free Agent: It's just you! Don't worry! Register and we will find you a team! 

Step 3: Stay tuned to your email and text alerts so you are in the know about everything tournament and Firefly related leading up to and throughout the festival. 

This is Not the Combine...There Are No Scouts: 

These are meant to be fun and social games. There are no scouts, you are not going to the pro's directly from Firefly. We play for fun, we play with respect, we play to enjoy our time together. Fighting or arguing with our Officials, other players, or otherwise creating an uncomfortable environment for other participants will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the field and in the case of a physical confrontation you may be sent out of the festival entirely. 

Keep It Light - Don't Fight.  | Keep it Fun - Enjoy the Sun.  

Make a Friend Each Time and You'll Be Just Fine.

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